Lily Perkins is a digital artist, having graduated from St. Edward's University with a BA in Graphic Design and minor in animation. She creates both digital and analog artworks as a way for her to connect with the world around her and communicate her innermost thoughts and emotions about what she views. 


Perkins' work is confident and delicate. She works mainly with jewel tones, pastels, and distinct opposites like black and white. She designs not only for what is most pleasing to the eye, but also what is effective and innovative. Good design is unnoticeable, easy to use, and emphasizes the beauty in simplicity, which Perkins strives for in every detail. 


Over the course of her younger life, there were several iterations of how she wanted her name to be spelled, much to the chagrin of her family and friends. This resulted in several misspellings and erasures until she finally found a spelling that fit. She decided to own it and make it a theme of sorts, hence the second "L" being slightly erased, as though she'd misspelled it herself.   

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